Due to demand, we are now offering our full back catalogue of vinyl coverdisk label stickers, as well as the chance to own coverdisks on limited edition 3.5" double-density floppy disk or CD32 Compact Disc!

Yes that's right, Amiga Addict readers can now obtain real physical covermounts to add to their magazines... sticky tape not included!

One perk of being an Amiga Addict subscriber is receiving a free vinyl disk label with magazines that include a coverdisk download. The coverdisk ADF image can be written onto a blank 3.5" floppy disk and the sticker applied.

We're are pleased to make stickers available here for those who have previously missed out, as well as the option to buy complete 3.5" coverdisks if preferred.

Amiga Addict labels/coverdisks available

  • Issue 05, Bean Vs. The Animator.
    (Only one disk/label provided, 3x floppy disks required to play. If you'd like all three disks, please add 3x to shopping basket otherwise Disk1 will be sent only.)

  • Issue 07, Slayers Of High Toro.
  • Issue 11, Floppy Bird.
  • Issue 12, Spheroid.
  • Issue 13, Endless & h0ffman demoscene demos.
  • Issue 14, Amiga Shareware.
  • Issue 15, Amiga Utilities.
  • Issue 17, Xmas Game (Santa's Present Drop)
  • Issue 19, Amiga PD Puzzles.
  • Issue 22, Renegades Deluxe: Amiga Addict Edition.
  • Issue 23, Hoi AGA Remix.

  • Issue 24, CD32 Special (No sticker; working PAL region Compact Disc for CD32 console with printed surface. If rare NTSC CD32 version is needed please let us know in order comments.)
    CD contains: Full version of CD32 game, Beneath A Steel Sky by Revolution Software. Shareware games Ooze: The Escape, Wrong Way Driver, Rogue Declan Zero and Boxx 4. Playable demos of Hamulet and Roguecraft. Baygon, Full Moon, Friday At Eight and Nexus 7 demoscene content.

  • Issue 25, BOOM!
  • Issue 28, Amiga PD Power!

(Compatibility between disks with different Amiga models may vary, check relevant magazine issue. For Issue 24 CD32 coverdisc an Amiga CD32 console is required or CD32-compatible emulator.)

If "Complete Floppy Disk With Label" option is selected, a limited edition 3.5" floppy disk with the coverdisk contents already written to disk and vinyl sticker applied will be despatched.

Issue 24's CD32 Compact Disc is shipped on a brand new Compact Disc with a top printed surface in a clear CD sleeve.

All floppy disks are NOS (new old stock) and fully tested before despatch. Floppy disk media is no longer manufactured and does degrade naturally over time, becoming unreliable. Disks may develop errors or bad sectors due to their age. No warranty is provided. Prices stated are to cover the costs of materials, disk or CD media and vinyl labels.

Disk contents are also available free of charge with respective magazine purchase, distribution permission kindly granted by the software authors. Further distribution or copying of coverdisk contents is prohibited without Amiga Addict's consent.

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Amiga Addict Coverdisk Labels, Coverdisc CDs and Floppy Disks

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