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About Amiga Addict

Amiga Addict is a new monthly magazine for Amiga computer users, gamers and enthusiasts. It is printed in full colour A4, and is available in both print and digital download versions. We aim to provide a fun, engaging magazine to reflect the modern Amiga scene.

(Please contact us if you are interested in submitting a letter, news story or article for Amiga Addict Magazine. Advertising space is also still available for any Amiga-related or Retro computer businesses.)

Amiga Addict magazine overview

  • Each magazine issue is approx 60 pages, in full-size A4 and full colour!
  • The magazine has an Amiga community focus, with monthly interviews, new and classic game/software reviews - and a look at Amiga hardware too.
  • We also include readers' letters, stories Amiga news and Demoscene coverage.
  • Our focus is on everything Amiga-related, including original 68K Amigas, OS4/PPC, Aros, MorphOS, Vampire and every type of modern Amiga computer too.
  • Amiga Addict is the essential read for Amiga fans. An Amiga magazine for Amiga users :)

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